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Timber Frame Green Building Initiative

Timber Frame Green Building Initiative

At Mill Creek Post & Beam Company, building “green” is not just a fashionable marketing ploy; it is the essence of our product. We sincerely believe in our responsibility to protect the environment that provides so much for us, and we take the steps to ensure our beliefs are put into practice by the way we construct our timber frame projects. From design to manufacturing to construction, what is best for the environment is always taken into consideration right alongside what is best for our client.

Timber Frame Cottage Collection

The housing market is seeing a movement towards smaller home sizes, with people realizing that a smaller home is not only more economical in the long and short run, but more efficient and easier to maintain.

We have developed a Timber Frame Cottage Collection of smaller footprint cottages and cabins. These designs are perfect for someone looking for a small getaway cabin, yet the larger designs could easily be used as a primary residence. Most of these plans are less than 1500 square feet, and make very efficient use of space.

Alternative Energy For Your Timber Frame Home

With the increase in interest for alternative energy sources for primary or backup sources of power, Mill Creek has positioned itself to assist clients in making these important decisions for their Mill Creek home or building. Whether it is a completely “off the grid” home, powered by solar panels and wind turbines, or using a solar system as a supplement to power needs, we actively research the most recent information as it applies to alternative energy systems, so that we are able to help our clients make informed decisions for their project.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Mill Creek is dedicated to helping our clients achieve an environmentally responsible and efficient timber frame structure, and we also are doing what we can here at our design and manufacturing facility to lessen our impact. In the winter months, the radiant floor slab of our 9000 square foot production facility is heated by burning the scrap wood in a large wood-fired boiler. We encourage our clients to utilized reclaimed timber elements that have been salvaged from previously disassembled buildings. Over the years, as we have upgraded our computers, we have donated our still useful computer hardware to the local elementary school instead of sending them to the landfill. These are just some of the areas that Mill Creek has addressed in our attempt to be responsible stewards of the environment.

Our Other Timber Frame Green Building Habits

  • We inventory a large selection of timber sizes to maximize usage and minimize waste.
  • Our sawdust is collected and reused by a wood shaving supplier.
  • Our design department has recycled paper for many years and is constantly looking for new ways to limit the amount of paper used in the design process.
  • We stay informed regarding green certifications, such as LEED, so that we will be able to speak knowledgeably about these programs if your project will be following their guidelines.
  • We carefully plan each timber frame project so that builders are only sent the materials that are required for the assembly of the structure. This drastically reduces the amount of job site waste that usually ends up in a landfill.

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